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Theft Disruption Technologies

When Seconds Matter, STOP Crime As It Happens

Alarm systems are designed to detect, notify and alert when a burglary occurs. All to often perpetrators stay on scene after the siren sounds and they leave with valuables in hand. AlarmVision offers four very proactive approaches to stop crime as it happens.

VaporForce Theft Disruption

When a dense fog explodes into a protected area, the intruder becomes confused and disoriented. He can’t steal what he can’t see. There is a sense of urgency to leave the premises immediately!

VaporForce is a water based “dry fog” that’s completely harmless and leaves no residue.

Watch VaporForce, the Exploding Fog

Before Activation

Before Activation

Vapor after 1.5 seconds

Vapor after 1.5 seconds

Vapor after 5 seconds

Vapor after 5 seconds

PepperMist Theft Disruption

When a break-in is confirmed and a burglar is on premises, PepperMist is released into the environment surrounding the invader with finely atomized pepper spray which causes an uncomfortable feeling, shortness of breath and coughing. Those experiencing PepperMist are greatly influenced to leave the premises quickly.

PepperMist is not toxic; the active ingredient is food grade pepper extract. It is formulated for indoor use yet it dissipates in about 4 hours leaving no traceable residue.

Watch PepperMist in Action

Other Facts About PepperMist:

  1. Normal concentrations of PepperMist will not injure animals such as dogs or cats, but may be harmful to birds.
  2. Residue is so minor as to be undetectable. But, if you feel inclined to clean up, normal household cleaning procedures such as vacuuming, damp mopping, and damp dusting will work nicely.
  3. Is PepperMist a booby trap?
    1. Definition of booby trap:
      An explosive or nonexplosive device or other material deliberately placed to cause casualties when an apparently harmless object is disturbed or a normally safe act is performed. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.
    2. By the above definition, PepperMist is not a booby trap:
      It does not cause casualties since it is designed to cause only major discomfort, not harm or injury.

Breaking into a person’s home or business cannot be considered a normally safe act.

Furthermore, PepperMist does not “trap” anybody. Rather than trap someone, it encourages them to leave without impairing their ability to do so.

HydroGuard Theft Disruption

Used in outdoor applications, a canopy of water rains down on an intruder when he doesn’t respond to a live message to leave the premises. Similar to lawn sprinkler technology and integrated into the alarm system, HydroGuard creates a distracting, wet environment to disrupt the unwanted activity without causing any bodily harm.

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assettrax_image (2)The best way to disrupt the plans of a thief who has stolen valuable assets is to recover the assets and arrest the criminal.

AssetTRAX is a remarkable, small form factor, battery operated, security and tracking device that is attached to or hidden on an asset. When the piece of equipment or unpowered rolling asset is moved, the AssetTrax is automatically or online activated and helps in the recovery process to track and locate the asset.
Key AssetTRAX Features

Built-in vibration alarm senses movement. When the alarm is triggered, the system will automatically send notification by phone, text message or email to the manager.

GPS / Assisted GPS technology. If there is an attempted theft of the asset, the manager can track the equipment’s location, even in most indoor environments.

Map Location. For management purposes, the asset’s location area can be identified at any time.

Up to 30 days battery operation; no electrical power is required unlike many other GPS devices.

AssetTRAX is an important management tool for locating the movement of valuable equipment and materials.