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Surveillance Systems

Commercial Grade Surveillance Camera Systems

Security cameras are a fact of life.  Low cost, entry level camera kits are easy to find and may be acceptable for a convenience store or small shop.  But what is the right decision for your business?

surveA commercial grade surveillance system is not a “one size fits all” purchase.   To meet the unique demands of a medium to enterprise level application, each system element must be carefully considered.  AlarmVision brings an extensive background in camera system knowledge, design and installation to your project.

After a thorough site tour and detailed discussion of client expectations, AlarmVision evaluates key components to achieve the right surveillance solution.  Listed are a few important considerations:

  • What camera technology is the best fit, analog or high definition
  •  IP based or direct connect
  • TVL resolution or megapixel
  • Spot view or general view placement
  • Field of view length and width
  • Lens type and specifications
  • Distance between components
  • Video recording resolution and quality
  • Video storage requirement; one day; one week, one month or longer
  • Network integration
  • Interaction with client’s IT Department
  • Remote viewing capabilities including smartphone apps
  • Future surveillance requirements
  • And there are more considerations!




High Definition Viewing Quality

State-of-the-art, High Definition, 1080p surveillance camera systems cover a larger area with sharper, clearer video than standard analog camera systems.  These HD cameras are comparable in quality to today’s HD TVs and the prices are getting lower.  Plus the recorded video quality is much more realistic and lifelike.  More sophisticated than traditional analog camera systems, HD cameras require a higher level of technical expertise for product selection, installation, programming and network integration.  AlarmVision delivers satisfaction on your HD camera project.

Check out the outstanding quality.

Why a Commercial Grade Camera System

Business owners and risk managers are extremely busy these days. They do not always have the time to monitor everything that is happening at work.  However, business owners can have an electronic eye that helps them monitor workplace situations. Our camera systems assist owners in overseeing their business without being physically present. They can be the perfect fit for any business, regardless of their size.   AlarmVision can supply you with a customized, budget friendly surveillance solution.

Camera systems give business owners a huge advantage because they can use it as a managing tool to monitor the activities of employees and their operations. If something comes up stolen, the camera system can record the incident and help determine who is responsible. They can also help improve workplace procedures by seeing what should or could have been done in a particular process that was captured on video. They can learn from what they see and create a better working, more efficient, more productive environment as a result.

Another advantage camera systems give business owners is the ability to view their business remotely. They do not have to be present 24/7 to oversee the operation of the business thanks to the camera system. They can see things from their home via computer or smartphone. Camera systems in Houston simply allow business owners to have more control over their businesses.

Protecting the premises is another reason for of our camera systems. They can act as a deterrent to crime by simply being there. But if something does happen, they will capture the moment like an electronic eyewitness. The footage can be used as evidence to help identify criminals and can result in their prosecution and imprisonment.  Acting as a security system, they serve to protect your property and minimize your losses.

Choose the right partner to assist in your security camera project, choose AlarmVision.

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