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Residential Security System

There are many alarm companies in Houston to choose from. Unlike other security companies in Houston, we do not install low cost, entry level security components or cameras in your home. AlarmVision provides commercial grade equipment in residential applications to deliver added reliability, flexibility, ease of use and durability.

We can also upgrade and takeover your existing alarm system if that is the best course of action. Plus our residential customers experience the same level of quality customer service and highly sophisticated 24/7 alarm monitoring as our large commercial businesses experience.


Houston Area Crime Facts

Houston crime statistics show an overall upward trend in crime. Scores are based on demographic and geographic analyses.

  1. The overall Houston crime index is 219, compared to the national crime index risk score of 100. Houston has more than two times the national average in crime activity.
  2. The city violent crime rate in 2010 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 144.29%.
  3. The city property crime rate in 2010 was higher than the national property crime rate average by 71.87%.

Houston’s False Alarm Dilemma

The US Department of Justice indicates, “The vast majority of alarm calls – between 94 and 98 percent are false.” Houston experiences the same false alarm issue. There is a “false alarm dilemma” because alarm customers expect a response from police when an alarm is triggered. Yet in most cases a burglary is not occurring.

What Happens?

Limited Houston police resources are wasted and dispatches to legitimate calls are hampered. Law enforcement response is low priority or nonexistent in some instances. Criminals know this too and take advantage of the opportunity.

The Solution – Video Alarm Technology

To reduce false alarms and receive high priority Houston police response, the legitimacy of alarms must be verified. With AlarmVision’s video verified security system, the monitoring center receives a real time video clip of the alarm event, assesses the event and initiates a high priority, “burglary in progress” police response if necessary.

Watch what a Texas Police Chief Says About Getting High Priority Police Response and Video Alarms

Given the elevated crime trends in Houston and the low priority placed on alarm calls by the Houston Police Department, it makes good sense to consider AlarmVision for quality, effective residential security services.


The Best Answer for Home Security

  • Nationally awarded, Video Alarm Security
  • Patented, wireless, battery operated, motion activated cameras
  • Real time video transmission to the monitoring center for burglary verification
  • Faster police response
  • Reduced burglary loses
  • Improved home safety
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Secured personal privacy
  • Easy installation; no wires, no dust, no mess.
  • Also excellent for outdoor storage areas, fenced in yards and the 2nd home

Cellular/Internet Communication and Security Cameras

A security system’s most vital link (the telephone line) is also its most vulnerable. Two highly effective alternatives to alarm transmission over phone lines is cellular and internet communication. These communication services can work with many existing security systems to assure that alarm signals get through. Smartphone applications for alarm system management and status are also available.

Outside security cameras are a valuable asset to video document what’s going on around your house or to identify pending problems. Many homeowner associations also recommend installing cameras as a visible crime deterrent and to help in house invasion investigations.

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We are committed to providing our residential customers with what they need at the most cost effective price. Your home is monitored to help protect your valuables and loved ones against burglary, robbery and intruders. A trained, courteous AlarmVision representative welcomes the opportunity to visit with you and design a system to meet your needs and budget.