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In Houston, commercial operations face unique security challenges on a daily basis. These include the business size,, employee population, exposure to risk and environmental characteristics. 

At AlarmVision, we specialize in large and medium commercial applications or businesses with multiple sites.

Our expertise, advanced technologies and customer service take the burden off busy decision makers and managers. We handle your electronic security needs so you can focus on growing business.

A significant advancement in electronic alarm security is achieved with patented video compression technology. Within moments of a triggered alarm, the system automatically emails a video clip of the event directly to the monitoring station. Critical visual information is immediately assessed. If a burglary is in progress, a high priority police dispatch is requested. This technology is fast, accurate and fills the gap in a commercial alarm system.

Outdoor Assets Protection

  • Are valuable equipment, materials or inventory stored outside? Are these assets targeted by criminals?
  • How are your outdoor assets being protected?

With our advanced perimeter security technologies which are integrated into video surveillance, your outdoor assets are secured with confidence. When an outdoor alarm is triggered, a monitoring center specialist visually examines the event.