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Camera Surveillance

Video Surveillance with Recorded Documentation

Cameras are a strong deterrent to undesirable activity, theft and fraud. Are business procedures being implemented or not.

Recorded documentation allows managers to review and assess behavior and events for training, correction and fact finding purposes.

Video Surveillance Video Surveillance 


With remote viewing, these managers are well equipped to see what is happening on the premises without being present.

Video Surveillance
Video surveillance is a proven, cost effective solution for today’s successful businesses.

Video Surveillance

Real Time Mobile Vehicle Surveillance

Insta ViewWhen you need to see what’s happening in a moving vehicle in real time, InstaView is the answer. InstaView is a portable, self contained surveillance system developed specifically for the transportation and security industries.

This powerful two camera system integrates video surveillance with advanced video compression and communication technologies to provide cutting edge capability.

After installation, the administrator simply goes online and views what is occurring in the vehicle while it’s in transit. Deploy InstaView in vehicles transporting persons with special needs or behavioral issues