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Outdoor Assets Protection


By using AlarmVision’s video security guard services with video and live voice technology, a significant reduction in overnight/weekend guard staff is possible without compromising outdoor assets security. Deployed systems result in thousands of dollars saved in annual operating costs plus deliver a fast, cost effective, return on investment.
Our advanced video-analytic software creates an outdoor security perimeter with monitored interior regions utilizing high definition or analog cameras. Once an intruder is identified by video analytics, an offsite command center agent responds within a matter of seconds using live ‘voicedown’ capabilities through an onsite speaker system.
The live announcement is according to client’s instructions. For example, “This is security, the person in the dark hooded top and dark long pants, you are in a restricted area, your image has been captured on video, leave the premises immediately, the police have been notified.”

Our agent will stay online during the incident and deliver additional live messages or if necessary direct law enforcement to the scene. Letting perpetrators know that your premises is live monitored is a powerful deterrent.

Outstanding onsite technology is combined with our highly effective offsite command center to provide an integrated seamless security solution. AlarmVision’s video security guard services make a significant improvement in the security of your assets and the safety of your employees.

Also challenging is the reality that a security guard is in one physical place at a time. Criminals often track the guard’s tour and then strike in the area where he is absent. With multiple analytic cameras onsite, the entire site, not just one area, comes under the watchful eyes of AlarmVision’s video security guard umbrella.

Who Benefits From Video Security Guard Services

  • Commercial and industrial businesses dealing with frequent theft, vandalism or illegal trespassing.
  • Car dealerships with unsold vehicles sitting in open accessible parking lots susceptible to theft and vandalism.
  • Oil and gas companies with exposed assets and production theft issues.
  • Retail establishments with high value, restricted storage areas for electronics, parts, tools or medical drugs.

AlarmVision’s video and live voice system provides the means to monitor and protect high value assets by adding a level of security that cannot be achieved through the use of live guards and passive CCTV systems.

Deterring crimes before they take place is the goal. AlarmVision’s video security guard umbrella is an excellent, cost saving alternative to traditional security guard services.