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Houston Business Owners Benefit From AlarmVision Advanced Security Systems

  • Frustrated because your storage yard, equipment or inventory loss is out of control?
  • Afraid your business is vulnerable due to your location?
  • Concerned about possible employee theft or “inside jobs”?
  • Are your assets easy to sell on the black market or to pawnshops?

Good News! Don’t waste any more time hoping your security system will be effective. Stop spending thousands of dollars on monthly security guard service.

AlarmVision has the RIGHT security system to solve your security issues.

  1. Stop criminal activity as it happens.
  2. Put “intelligent, electronic eyes” on your property after hours.
  3. Criminals will avoid your business because our video security system creates too big of apprehension risk.

ALARMVISIONhas helped Houston Businesses get benefits like:

  • Increased police response to help catch criminals before they get away.
  • Visual ID of an actual burglar makes our security technology highly accurate; minimizing expensive, nuisance, false alarms.
  • More arrests help keep criminals from striking again.
  • Reduced criminal activity for a safer, more profitable workplace.
  • Latest security system technology monitors your property better.
  • Dedicated Video Command Center for camera surveillance.
  • Live voice announcement speaks directly to the offender and interrupts crime.
  • More peace of mind because your security system works the way you want it to.

Protecting business operations from unauthorized and criminal activity is a crucial element in managing business risk.  In Houston, many businesses are subject to vandalism, break-ins, and theft from outsiders or employees on a regular basis.   Over the years, smaller to enterprise level businesses have benefited from AlarmVision’s expertise in handling security concerns.


At AlarmVision, we make it a point to respect:

  • Your time – we carefully listen to you the first time
  • Your requirements – we review the site with special attention to detail
  • Your budget – we offer a range of price competitive, customized strategies
  • Your reputation – we understand that you are accountable
  • Your requests – our cornerstone is exceptional customer service

We’re here to help protect what you value; your people, your property, your assets.


Our clients speak for themselves.  Please watch what they have to say about AlarmVision.  We do security right.