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Advanced Video Alarms

Transmitting Video to the Houston Police Department

Getting a top priority police response to a burglar alarm is the need of every business owner. However, with a false alarm dilemma impacting many city police departments, including the Houston PD, alarm calls are coded as low priority. Even more disturbing, less than 1% of police responses to alarm calls result in an arrest. It could take 10 minutes, 15 minutes or even an hour for police to show up to an alarm call. Criminals know this too and take advantage of the opportunity.

Business owners and managers want an effective security system that can get a fast police response to help limit their losses and catch criminals in the act.

The Video Alarm Solution

AlarmVision integrates the latest video alarm security technology with advanced off site monitoring capabilities to deliver an impressive crime fighting deterrent.
A video alarm system incorporates the strength of alarm sensor technology with the added technology of video. Once an alarm is activated, a video of what tripped the event is immediately transmitted to the central station. The video is viewed within moments by a central station operator.

If a “crime in progress” is verified, the video can be transmitted to the Houston Police Department for additional, real time analysis. The police are dispatched immediately with video proof of intruders and consider the case a high priority response.

Video alarm systems help solve the alarm ineffectiveness problem by improving credibility with police departments, increasing the number of arrests and minimizing business loses. When the word travels through the “theft rings” that a facility has an effective security system, a reduction in theft attempts often occurs.
AlarmVision offers four impressive video alarm technologies.

Motion Video Alarm Technology

Wireless, battery operated, motion activated cameras provide a flexible easy to install, affordable video alarm system.

Sensor Video Alarm Technology

Unique integration technology combines existing or new alarm systems with existing or new camera systems establishing a powerful video alarm system.

Analytics Video Alarm Technology

Advanced analytic encoders empower high definition cameras and analog cameras with “intelligence” to detect human and vehicle activity with amazing accuracy.

Thermal Video Alarm Technology

Using heat signature, night vision technology assists in detecting unauthorized activity in absolute darkness at far distances.

Each technology is well suited for specific applications and business requirements. Our experienced team at AlarmVision will help you determine the best fit for your business.

Six Reasons to Choose a Video Alarm System

  1. Police officer safety. Instead of going into a building blindly searching for criminals, the police know who to look for and where to look before entering scene.
  2. Real time suspect description. On the way to the call, a police dispatcher can provide suspect description. And if suspects leave prior to police arrival, they know who to look for on the way to the call.
  3. Value for prosecution. With video proof of the burglary, criminals essentially have no platform on which to defend themselves.
  4. Minimize loss. When police arrive during a crime, property loss is minimized.
  5. More apprehensions. Police officers embrace the value of video verified alarms because they want to catch criminals and make their city a safer place.
  6. Reduction in future criminal activity. With quicker police response and arrests, video alarm technology can deter others from targeting the business.

AlarmVision offers custom turnkey video alarm solutions including consultation, design, installation, video monitoring and maintenance. We are committed to helping you make the right security decision.